Yellow card ranking, Tuttosport: Juve leads, Inter at bottom

In a recent comparison of yellow card numbers between Inter Milan and Juventus, it’s been revealed that Juventus leads the Serie A in terms of yellow cards received. According to the numbers released by Tuttosport, Juventus has received a whopping 50 yellow cards in the first 19 matches, while Inter Milan trails in the last place with just 24.

Moreover, Juventus has already faced four suspensions this year, a crisis not yet experienced by Inzaghi’s team. The statistics present a glaring disparity between the number of fouls committed by Juventus and the total yellow cards they’ve received, which is more than double those received by Inter Milan.

The Turin newspaper suggests that Juventus players should perhaps “imitate Inter in choosing situations in which to commit fouls”. However, it is acknowledged that the unpredictability of whether a referee will be strict or lenient could influence these numbers.

In the first half of the season, the number of yellow cards across teams varied significantly. Following Juventus’ 50, Lecce received 49, Salernitana 48, Lazio 47, Bologna and Roma each 46, Empoli 44, and Genoa and Verona each with 42. Meanwhile, Fiorentina and Monza received 41 each, Torino, Frosinone, Udinese, and Napoli each got 40 yellow cards. Milan found itself closer to the lower end with 39, Atalanta with 37, Sassuolo with 34, Cagliari with 31, and Inter Milan with the fewest at 24.

The number of yellow cards alone doesn’t necessarily reflect a team’s performance or ability. Nonetheless, influencing factors such as luck or inconsistency in officiating making their mark on these rankings is still a point to consider.

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