Serie A team value rankings after 19 rounds

According to the analysis by Transfermarkt, the team values in the Italian Serie A have fluctuated significantly since the start of the season.

Genoa tops the list with a net worth change estimated at 77.4 million euros. This escalation underlines their impressive progress in the ongoing season. In the second place on this prestigious list is Bologna, with a surge of 75.4 million euros in their squad value.

Frosinone also succeeded in cementing a place in the top three, witnessing an increase of 65.8 million euros in team net worth. Following Frosinone, Cagliari’s valuation took a leap with a 39.8 million euros increase, while Torino experienced an upswing of 29.3 million euros.

Inter Milan, decorated winners of the Serie A, are sixth in this classification with their squad valuation moving up by 26.6 million euros. Additional net value increases were also seen in the Lecce, Fiorentina, Udinese and Atalanta squads; however, these increases were significantly less drastic with figures ranging approximately between 16 million euros and 1.1 million euros.

On the other end of the spectrum, there were several clubs that saw their squad values decline. Monza experienced a 4.2 million euros drop, while Napoli’s squad value fell by 5.6 million euros. Salernitana’s valuation suffered an even steeper decline of 7.3 million euros, which was closely followed by Verona facing a decrement of 7.8 million euros.

Sharp declines were also witnessed by Empoli and Lazio, both having a drop of 9.5 million euros in their squad net worth. However, the most drastic depreciations were noticed in the squads of Juventus at -39.1 million euros, Milan at -40.6 million euros, Roma at -42.4 million and Sassuolo with a significant decrease of 45.7 million euros.

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