Monza, Palladino: We Believe We Can Beat Milan

Raffaele Palladino, the head coach of Monza football club, has given a post-match interview to Sky following the Serie A clash against AC Milan at San Siro.

Palladino addressed the seasonal progression of his team, “Each season is unique. Last year, we were building, it was a different championship. This year is a different story, we have made a stride in our growth.” He emphasised on the distinct approaches Monza has taken each season in the league.

Continuing his interaction, Palladino reassured that facing a giant like AC Milan did not deter the usual mentality of his squad. He expounded that regardless of the opponent, his team will always carry the same attitude on the pitch, as they do every Sunday.

Whilst acknowledging the challenge of gaining point against larger clubs, Palladino showed faith in his team. “We do lack points against the big teams, it’s not easy to earn them however. We do believe in ourselves, we arrived here with the right mentality,” Palladino told Sky.

Further, he underlined the positive ambiance in the team after their victory over Genoa. He said, “It has been a good week following the win against Genoa, we want to give joy to Dr. Galliani.”

In line with all the perseverance and performance, it remains to be seen whether Monza can sway the Serie A in their favour, amid the big guns of Italian football.

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