Inzaghi: “We are halfway through our journey. I’m extremely satisfied with Arnautovic and Sanchez”

Inter Milan steamrolled Monza with a 5-1 victory, much to the delight of the head coach Simone Inzaghi. Speaking to Sky Sports post-match, the coach praised his players’ concerted efforts. He said, “We’ve put up an excellent match, well-prepared. The boys showed great willingness, and we had an outstanding approach against a well-prepared team, that plays impressively and also took significant points from us last season.”

Inzaghi brings attention to the upcoming Supercoppa, adding another task to their domestic and Champion’s league commitments. In his words, “This is expected, we’re heading to Arabia as title holders and aim to play our best in these two games. It’s a new experience for everyone, as it’s usually a one-match event, but no problem. The boys will train tomorrow, rest on Monday, back to training on Tuesday, and then we depart. We are very keen, there’s a trophy at stake and we aim to perform our best.”

Despite the challenging responsibilities, the coach didn’t feel pressured. He stated, “I’m fortunate that I’ve been focusing on the field. I have a club and board members who handle the talking. Together with the team and staff, we’ve focused on our work on the field and did it well, but we need to continue. We’ve played 20 games and still have a long road ahead. Criticisms? We are quite used to it. It’s important to have a team that always follows you, these boys have achieved great things this year and previous years, and we aim to continue doing so.”

Speaking about Inter’s performance this season compared with the last three seasons, Inzaghi added: “It’s too early to judge as more than 20 games are still pending. Last year’s group reached the Champions League finals and won two trophies, achieved great things which pleased the fans and the club. This year, we are halfway through our journey, we’ve had an excellent Champion’s League round, and keeping up a good pace in the league, but we are there with another team and others who are ready to take advantage of any slight disorder from now until the end.”

On Valentin Carboni, Inzaghi said: “Last season, Valentin was with us and had a very important year for his growth. He played several game sections, trained with exceptional players, I alternated him between midfield and forward, and he’s always been highly accommodating. This year he has grown even more, he’s having an excellent season and I wish him to continue this way, then we will see with the club at the end of the season.”

Regarding how Inter can improve, Inzaghi said: “This evening we played an excellent match, in my opinion, despite a draw at Genoa we didn’t do so badly, we conceded a goal which clearly should have been avoided from a set-piece. On Sunday with Verona, in my view, we did worse than at Genoa. These two weeks we have been able to work and analyse, and so it will be tomorrow morning. Tonight, I haven’t reviewed it yet, but it was a great test, we approached very well against a team that is difficult to tackle.”

Finally, Inzaghi commented on the transfer market, expressing satisfaction with his current attackers, Arnautovic and Sanchez. He lauded Arnautovic’s substantial performances and Sanchez’s significant contribution to the team. Inzaghi concluded, “They need to keep going, train as they do, and they will also find their space and carve out important satisfactions.”

Image Credit: Inter Milan Instagram

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