DAZN Ratings: Juve-Roma Match Emerges as Most-Watched

DAZN, the popular sports streaming service, has released viewership figures for the 18th round of the Italian Serie A. The most-watched match was between Juventus and Roma, which had 1,581,574 views, according to the figures.

Coming in second was the match between Genoa and Inter with 1,012,831 viewers tuning in. The match between Napoli and Monza was the third most viewed game with 575,567 viewers.

The match between Milan and Sassuolo came in fourth, with 490,121 fans watching the proceedings from home.

Other matches also had decent viewership. Fiorentina-Torino was seen by 122,969 people, while Lazio-Frosinone had 91,816 viewers. Atalanta-Lecce had a viewership of 328,855.

Lower down the list, Cagliari-Empoli drew 69,082 viewers, while Udinese-Bologna managed to attract 154,275 fans to the screen. Meanwhile, Verona-Salernitana turned out to be the least watched game in this round of Serie A games, with 55,574 viewers.

The ‘Zona Gol’ shows, which provide highlights of all the games in the round, were popular among fans as well. The most popular Zona Gol broadcast attracted a crowd of 205,801 viewers, while the least viewed Zona Gol episode still managed to garner a respectable 125,519 views.

These figures highlight the popularity of Serie A in Italy and around the globe, with millions of people tuning into DAZN to watch their favourite teams battle it out.

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