Torino’s Sanabria: Three crucial points, the key was to win

Antonio Sanabria, Torino’s striker, has shared his thoughts on his side’s victory against Empoli.

In a post-match conversation with Dazn, Sanabria expressed a mix of regret and satisfaction. He was disappointed when his potential exceptional goal was disallowed due to an offside call.

He conceded, “I knew it was offside, but it was a pity.” Yet, despite the ruled-out goal, Sanabria asserts that the critical takeaway from the game was their victory.

“The important thing was to win. We knew the importance of this match and we put on a great performance, now we think about the next one. These are three vital points,” said the Torino striker.

With this win in their pocket, Sanabria made it clear that the team is aiming for self-improvement and readiness for each upcoming weekend game. Opting to keep the squad’s ambitions open-ended, he stated that their primary focus is on enhancing their performances in future matches. This approach, he believes, will ensure they are equipped to attain their goals.

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