Serie A, Sporting Judge’s Ruling: Four Players Suspended

Gerardo Mastrandrea, the Sports Judge of Italy’s Serie A League, has announced a list of players and coaches suspended for the next round of matches.

According to the announcement, Maric from Monza has been handed a punishment after contesting a referee’s decision in a disrespectful manner from the bench during the 50th minute of the second half. Additionally, he had thrown a ball onto the pitch to delay the restart of the match.

In regards to Cacace from Empoli, he was penalized for improper behaviour towards an opponent which has earned him a fifth sanction. This behaviour has also been evidenced by Ferguson of Bologna and Locatelli of Juventus, resulting in them facing their fifth sanctions as well.

Turns out coaches are not spared either. Mastrandrea’s note stated that Palladino and Mazzarri are among the coaches facing a one-match suspension. As of now, it remains unclear regarding the exact reasons for their suspensions.

The statement from the Serie A sporting judge underlines the league’s ongoing commitment to upholding respect and fair play within the competition. It serves as a reminder to clubs and players alike that sanctions will be enforced for actions that violate the spirit of the game.

Further information on the suspensions is expected to be detailed in forthcoming announcements.

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