Roma Market, Lina Souloukou leads revolution: Mourinho on the way out? A Serie A heavyweight steps in

The future of AS Roma football club places increasing reliance on Lina Souloukou, a key player in the Friedkin project, according to reports by Repubblica. The Greek executive has been steadily working behind the scenes not only on sponsorship schemes and stadium projects but also on the team’s composition itself.

The news suggests that Souloukou is planning to recruit Françoise Modesto as the club’s new sports director. She is further considering several potential managers. This is currently at an informal discussion stage with individuals who take interest in these roles.

Sources possess the names of some potential recruits. This includes standout names such as Raffaele Palladino from Monza, Vincenzo Italiano of Fiorentina, Stefano Pioli from Milan and a potential dream appointment of Xabi Alonso from Bayer Leverkusen.

The next steps and potential recruitment decisions are eagerly anticipated as Roma looks to build a bright future in Italian football under Souloukou’s direction.

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