‘Roma Football Club Determined on New Sporting Director: A Disclosed Choice’

Roma FC has reportedly found a replacement for their Sporting Director, Tiago Pinto, following his departure. According to reports in today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, Francois Modesto, the current Sporting Director at Monza, is set to take the reins.

Francois Modesto has earned praise for his sterling work at Monza and is deemed to be an ideal fit for Roma FC. La Gazzetta dello Sport quotes an unnamed source at Roma FC saying, “Modesto has been handpicked by our CEO, confirming his sterling record at Monza.”

With a solid track record at Monza and broad experience in the sports industry, Modesto is seen as the right candidate to fill the gaping hole left by Pinto’s exit. It will be interesting to see whether this supposed transfer materialises and how it could influence Roma FC’s strategy in the coming seasons. More updates will follow as this rumour develops.

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