Risk of Penalty for Genoa: What Happened

The Genoa football club could face significant penalties, including a deduction of points, if an ongoing investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s office yields negative results.

According to a report by “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, the federal prosecution is investigating the notification by Covisoc, which alleges that payments were made late due to procedural error, a situation similar to the one faced a year ago.

There are essentially three outcomes that could occur in the light of such an investigation. Either Chinè, the federal prosecutor, finds no violations and requests that the case be archived; or proceedings could move forward with the referral and subsequent trial before the national federal court. Alternatively, an agreement might be reached for a plea bargain.

It’s also worthy to note that two points were previously deducted from the Genoa club whilst in Serie B, a situation that could potentially recur.

No official statements have been released by the Genoa football club or the Federal Prosecutor’s office so far. Their much-anticipated response will undoubtedly shape the club’s future trajectory, pending the results of this investigation.

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