Ranieri says Cagliari needs to reverse trend away from home too

Claudio Ranieri, the manager of Cagliari, has shared his thoughts ahead of their game against Empoli scheduled for Saturday. The comments came during a press conference which he held in anticipation of the important match.

Ranieri described the match as significant for both teams. He was quoted as saying, “Empoli is very well organized, they press high and don’t let you think. But we will be at home and the fans will blow behind us. I want to win, preferably without conceding a goal.” These remarks were reported by Cagliari News 24.

He remained optimistic about winning not only against Empoli but also against Lecce. However, he reiterated the team’s focus for now was on their upcoming match.

Though he acknowledged the team performs better at home, he voiced his hopes of reversing the away game trend. The sentiments were expressed during the press conference, reported on the same Italian news site.

Details about the forthcoming matches or the teams strategy were not disclosed throughout the discussion.

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