Pinamonti aims for double figures, shares great rapport with Berardi

Sassuolo striker, Andrea Pinamonti, has shared his perspective on the current season and his personal objectives in an interview with Mediaset.

He stated: “Like every attacker, I aim to reach double figures. I didn’t achieve it last year, but we’re on the right track.” According to Pinamonti, he has developed a good rapport with Domenico Berardi, a stalwart at Sassuolo, and with the rest of his teammates.

He also believes it’s crucial for the team to have a strong second half of the season. While they currently sit two points ahead of last year’s mark, Pinamonti expressed the belief that they could do even better.

Reflecting on his career start, Pinamonti shared that he left home at 14 to join Inter Milan, where he found an environment that nurtured his growth as both an individual and a footballer. He got a taste of playing in the Champions League there but expressed his yearning for more consistent playing time in a leading role. He likened his time at Sassuolo to his experience at Empoli, pointing out the affection he has received from the fanbase, which, though not large in number, exudes warmth.

In terms of the Scudetto, Pinamonti chose not to make a prediction, citing how it’s a highly competitive and unpredictable league, both at the top and bottom ends. He said that there’s still a lot of play left in the season.

The source of these quotes was an interview by Mediaset with Andrea Pinamonti.

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