Palladino: “We Never Gave Up, I Liked the Spirit. Our Minds are Already on Empoli”

Following Monza’s crushing 5-1 defeat against Inter Milan, coach Raffaele Palladino spoke about the commendable spirit and determination shown by his team amidst challenging circumstances in an interview with Sky Sports.

“I was impressed by the team’s spirit which never faltered. Kudos to Inter, rarely have I seen a team with such determination. They caught us off guard with their four incredible early opportunities, which put us in a difficult position,” Palladino said.

Even after Inter’s second goal, the Monza squad strived to recalibrate the game dynamics, he revealed. He explained how staying composed under pressure is vital for the team, which has otherwise shown tremendous capability throughout the championships and aligns well with the club’s overall aspirations.

Despite losing against a formidable team such as Inter, Palladino assured that the team’s spirit remains unbroken and that the errors made during the match will be thoroughly analysed. He affirmed their readiness to face their next challenge against Empoli, thereafter.

A particular concern for the coach was Monza’s vulnerability to conceding early goals. He shared his commitment to work towards improving this aspect, saying, “It’s something that requires reflection, and I am trying hard to find a solution. It depends on several factors, and it’s not easy to recover in such matches.”

Palladino also expressed his dissatisfaction towards a referee’s decision that led to his expulsion during the match, quoted as saying: “Ever since I started coaching, I have promised not to critique the referees. Today, I was expelled after I politely asked the fourth official for an explanation.”

Speaking about the performance of the team, he said, “The team has tried their best, but I expected more from some players. We must work on our mindset, as I can see the potential during the week’s training sessions. We need to give more against such teams.”

Finally, Palladino talked about the need to focus on attacking spaces. He stressed on the critical role of the striker in protecting the ball, acknowledging that “it’s clear we are missing some goals.” He pinpointed Dany, who is currently not the first-choice striker and less frequent player Colombo, acknowledging their contributions whenever they are on the pitch.

(All quotes are sourced from Sky Sports Italy)

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