One thing Yildiz did better than Del Piero

In the face-off between Frosinone and Juventus, all eyes were on Kenan Yildiz as he scored his first goal in Serie A. Yildiz appeared to be emulating none other than football great Alessandro Del Piero, widely regarded as one of the greatest Juventus players ever.

The striking similarities do not end there, both Yildiz and Del Piero, often referred to as a young prodigy, scored their first significant goals at the age of 18. However, there are some crucial differences. Unlike Yildiz, Del Piero did not score in his first match as a starter, facing the formidable defence of Milan.

Del Piero only scored his first goal from the start against Genoa, after he had turned 19. This is in stark contrast to Yildiz, who already had his debut goal in his pocket by this age. Moreover, Del Piero’s game against Genoa ended on a surprising note as he was sent off – a departure from his typical genial style of play.

This journey to make a name in Serie A is just starting for Yildiz, but the promising young player has already begun to fill some large boots by following the footprints laid down by someone like Alessandro Del Piero.

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