Napoli: The 3 coincidences when Meret stops penalties

In a recent ill-fated Napoli-Monza match, a draw verdict has undoubtedly left coach Mazzarri and the Napoli community disheartened. However, amid the ill-starred performance of the team, particularly the offense devoid of Osimhen’s contribution, there was a ray of hope in their goalkeeper Meret’s performance, reminiscent of their championship-winning season.

Meret’s penalty save against Pessina was in line with his impressive record from the championship-winning season. It echoes his successful blocks against Colombo in the league and Giroud in the Champions League. It’s important to note that all these penalty saves occurred at Maradona stadium, at a score point of 0-0, and in games that ended in a draw.

While Napoli certainly has crucial areas to address, Meret’s outstanding penalty-saving skills are a silver lining. For Napoli, the importance of having Meret in goal during matches is undeniably essential, especially when they face penalties.

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