Monza’s Palladino: Studied Gilardino, Must Have Right Attitude

Monza boss, Raffaele Palladino, has issued a statement ahead of the team’s crunch Serie A match against Genoa.

In his press conference, Palladino acknowledged the difficulty his team faces in taking on Genoa, emphasising the need for them to make a strong emotional impact. He said “Genoa? It’s a difficult team to face and we have to bring a great emotional impact to the challenge because the points are starting to get heavy.”

Palladino also mentioned Alberto Gilardino, a player he has studied closely for a long time, saying he expects his team to approach the match with the right attitude.

On the subject of Dany, a player within his fold, Palladino expressed his expectations clearly. He said, “I’ve spoken with Dany, he knows what I want and what I expect from him.” He suggested that the player could give more and stressed the importance of every player giving their best on the pitch.

“I want him to give more, and he must do so. If a player is not performing, I also ask myself how I can make him comfortable. I am sure he will find his games and his continuity,” said Palladino.

When asked about the team’s defender, Izzo, who is currently recovering from an injury, he expressed hope that he will be fit to train during the week. “I hope to recover him this week. He is expected to rejoin the group on Tuesday and if all goes well, we will be ready,” Palladino said.

Additionally, young player Valentin Carboni received praise from the Monza coach. Palladino spoke of his strong work ethic and appreciated his attitude, saying, “Valentin is a boy I really like. He’s the first to arrive and last to leave. He has the right mentality in daily work and has had a great week. He must keep working like this, and all the other young players on the squad should also follow this.”

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