Monza’s Galliani: Decision on recalling Cragno from Di Gregorio still pending

Adriano Galliani, CEO of Monza, addressed concerns about the physical well-being of their player, Di Gregorio, particularly in the run up to their imminent match against Inter. This announcement came to light at the end of the League Assembly.

Galliani revealed that Di Gregorio is currently in Barcelona for consultation and they expect an update on his situation soon. He said, “We will see how the goalkeeper is before we make a decision. Calling back Cragno? Let’s see, I still have hope for Di Gregorio… We will know in an hour”.

Facing the match against Inter, Galliani appears cautiously optimistic. Recognising Inter’s strength and their status as championship favourites, he commented, “I don’t know what the game will be like, I hope it will be like last year but it’s difficult, Inter is very strong and is the favourite to win the championship. They are top of the class.”

Particularly impressive for Galliani was the performance of Valentin Carboni, who he said had provided some extraordinary performances, adding, “Only a few managed to score at least 2 goals in all the European championships like he did in 2005. He is extraordinary which explains why Inter has unfortunately only given him to us on loan. Palladino is very good at having both him and Colpani play.”

On the subject of Video Assistant Referee (VAR), Galliani noted the considerable benefit it brings to the game. “Everything can be improved. However, it has served us well, I am absolutely in favour of VAR. Of course, there is always a person behind it, who can make mistakes or not – it happens. VAR is a help and has significantly reduced errors.” These comments from Galliani provide an intriguing insight into Monza’s preparations and strategy in the face of formidable competition.

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