Monza, Pereira: This should be our championship

Monza’s winger, Pedro Pereira, has shared his thoughts on the victorious match against Genoa conducted recently.

In a post-match interview with Dazn, the player expressed, “We won, thanks partly to me. This is the best team I’ve ever played with.” Pereira’s joy following the challenging victory was palpable.

Pereira further emphasized the collective effort of the team, stating, “When one player performs well and the team garners a win from such a tough game, it’s something to savor. Whether one gets to play for 5 minutes or 90, everyone should always be at their best,”.

He concluded his interview by underscoring the need for flexibility and adaptability in their strategies moving forward. In his words, “We need to seek out ways to challenge other teams with different game plans. This should be our approach for the tournament,”.

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