Monza, Palladino: We Wanted Victory, These Boys are My Luck

Monza’s head coach, Raffaele Palladino, has expressed his delight following his team’s win against Genoa.

Speaking to Dazn after Monza’s victory of Genoa, Palladino expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his team. He commended the players’ passion and spirit in the match, particularly after recouping from a previous loss.

“We played excellently today,” Palladino was quoted as saying. “We shouldn’t look too far ahead, but I’m definitely getting good vibes. The players definitely earned this win; you could see that they wanted to win today. I felt calm before the match because I could see that they were fired up”.

Palladino pointed out the importance of maintaining focus and not looking too far ahead after this victory. This victory was an encouraging sign after their previous defeat which prompted them to work harder.

Moreover, Palladino praised the supportive environment and their collective effort that culminated in the win. “This victory was that of the group, the boys deserved it. I am fortunate to have such boys,” he said.

He furthered by noting the enthusiastic celebration of the victory, “Even [Adriano] Galliani was celebrating with us. There’s great enthusiasm in this environment.”

Reflecting on Palladino’s remarks, it is clear that he believed in the potential and spirit of his team and this win has solidified the camaraderie and passion within Monza’s camp.

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