Monza, Palladino: We deserved this satisfaction. Future? I want to grow here

Monza’s manager, Raffaele Palladino, has reflected on the team’s performance against Napoli.

In an interview with Dazn after the Napoli-Monza match, Palladino expressed his happiness with the team’s performance. He asserted, “I’m happy, the lads deserved a beautiful satisfaction, they worked hard to do well today.”

Palladino was especially pleased with how his team performed against Napoli, noting they played a correct, solid game, enough to challenge their opposing team. He was satisfied with the responses he received from all the players who participated in the match.

Recalling the team’s performance from the previous year, he noted, “Last year, we ended the first half of the season with 22 points, and also this year we are at 22 points and the path we are taking makes us happy.”

Amid speculations regarding club president De Laurentiis, Palladino clearly stated that he remains solely focused on his team. He also reminisced about his commitment to Galliani and Berlusconi last year about staying with the team. “I gave my word to Galliani and Berlusconi that I would stay also this year, now I will give all of myself to continue to grow here.”

This statement indicates his dedication and commitment to the success and growth of Monza football club.

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