Monza, Palladino: Started poorly, but lacked no personality

Monza’s manager, Raffaele Palladino, has spoken out following his side’s 3-0 Serie A defeat to Milan.

In post-match comments to Sky, Palladino reflected on the game, which saw his team concede a goal within the first two minutes.

“There have been three league games very similar with Milan. Today we didn’t start well, conceding a goal after just two minutes,” Palladino said.

Despite the early setback, Palladino praised his team’s character. He noted that even after conceding the team showed personality, and created chances, particularly highlighting Colombo’s performance.

“We played well, despite missing a little bit of ruthlessness and conviction in the final yards,” he added.

Palladino ended his post-match interview by commending Milan on their performance, “I must also give my compliments to Milan”.

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