Monza, Palladino: Balance is needed in judgments, only lost against the big teams

Monza’s head coach, Raffaele Palladino, has reflected on his team’s game against Fiorentina. Post-match, in a discussion with Sky Sport, Palladino analysed the team’s performance and strategy.

Palladino stated, “Our identity is clear, we are built to play this way.”

He was making reference to an error in the build-up play during the match but brushed it off as something that happens from time to time. He showed sympathy for Di Gregorio, who he said has saved the team many times before.

Today, according to Palladino, the main problems were technical mistakes. He observed that there were lines of passage that could have been exploited to cause damage, perhaps by going vertical when Fiorentina was pressing hard.

“We had opportunities,” the coach admitted. However, he conceded that Fiorentina were skilful in disrupting their gameplay in the second half.

In coaching his team forward, Palladino highlights the importance of balance in football, acknowledging that it often isn’t easy to achieve. Looking at recent matches, the Monza coach noted they have lost to teams generally regarded as out of their league.

“These teams had significant resources on their bench, which costs a lot,” Palladino acknowledged. However, he pointed out that they have only lost to the bigger teams. Against opponents in the same league, Monza always managed to acquire points.

Looking to future games, the head coach concluded, “We will try to score points in the next matches.”

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