Milan Cagliari: Ranieri considers rotation for Coppa Italia

The first Italian match of 2024 is scheduled for the 2nd of January at 9 PM, featuring Milan versus Cagliari at San Siro. This is to be followed by Atalanta versus Sassuolo (6 PM) and Roma versus Cremonese (9 PM) on the following day. The lineup for the round of 16 will finalize on Thursday with the Juventus versus Salernitana match at 9 PM.

Following the match with Empoli, Cagliari’s Head Coach Claudio Ranieri has announced his selection decisions for this competition. He commented that those who have had less playtime until now will be up against Milan. He amended this statement by cautioning that he cannot afford to lose key players who would be valuable in the upcoming match with Lecce.

At the same time, he extended this as an opportunity for all players to prove their mettle on the field. He stated, “This is an opportunity for everyone to prove to me that they can make the difference”.

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