Medical checks underway for Spence in Genoa

Footballer Spence was recently spotted making an appearance at the Casa della Salute in Genoa to undergo his medical examination, which is basically a part of every club’s protocol when signing new players.

After successfully getting through the medical round, it is understood that he will sign a contract binding him to Gilardino’s team.

The news was confirmed by the source, the official Tottenham website that also shared a photo of Spence. Fans are now waiting eagerly for the team to make the official announcement.

Football transfer deals involve a great deal of speculation. It’s a game where anything can happen until the contract is signed. Until then, fans and the media will be keenly following every move.

Professional football contracts usually come into play after crucial medical examinations, considered as a checkpoint to assess the player’s fitness and readiness to join a new club. It would be interesting to see Spence’s journey unfold in this new team and how he benefits Gilardino’s squad in the forthcoming matches.

Club destinations, decisions, and dealings can be a complex process often shrouded in secrecy to maintain the competitive element. However, what we know for certain is that Spence’s visit to Casa della Salute in Genoa marks a significant turn of events and might indicate exciting times ahead for Gilardino’s team.

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