Maresca exemplifies Rocchi’s worst refereeing management

Edmondo Pinna raised concerns about the performance of referee Maresca during the Cagliari-Empoli match, describing it as the worst example of Rocchi’s management.

Pinna, a renowned sports analyst for Corriere dello Sport, gave Maresca’s handling of the match a low rating of 4, expressing a wider criticism in the process.

He commented that Maresca ended the year poorly, exemplifying issues with Rocchi’s management. “High scores are given to very few, regardless of performance,” stated Pinna, citied by Corriere dello Sport. He also mentioned somewhat disappointing results, attributing them in part to a clear political chaos. The critique ended with a poignant question, reflecting on the decision to keep Maresca on the international Fifa panel for another year.

These issues were underscored even after the extraordinary National Committee meeting that took place last Friday, thereby painting a grim picture of the state of Italian football refereeing.

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