Lazio’s Fabiani monitors three additions: meet the names

Lazio F.C. is keeping a close eye on potential signings within its reach, as confirmed by Fabiani, the team’s director. As per Fabiani’s notepad, Empoli’s Fazzini and Dwomoh from Antwerp respectively are potential targets of interest.

Lazio’s strategy, according to Tuttosport, has been to hold back and wait for the right moment to make a measurable move within a market. Historically, the Rome-based club has never been in the headlines for any prominent moves in January.

Contrary to common expectations, there are no planned enhancements in Maurizio Sarri’s starting eleven. The club’s summer expense was quite hefty; hence, any substantial change is only feasible if there’s an outstanding departure.

Fabiani is also taking a close look at Pepé, a midfielder born in 1997, who aims to acquire Italian citizenship. Acquiring citizenship would keep Pepé on Lazio’s radar, as the club currently has no slots for non-EU players.

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