Lazio, Sarri: Magic rediscovered at Christmas party must be found on the pitch too

Ahead of the game against Empoli, Lazio’s manager Maurizio Sarri offered his thoughts during an interview with DAZN.

Sarri acknowledged that while the festive spirit might have bolstered the team’s morale, the real magic needs to be found on the pitch, not off it. He stressed the team’s need to regain several elements, including their goal-scoring form and confidence. Even though he values the unity off the pitch, Sarri made it clear that what counts the most takes place within the four lines.

Additionally, he enlightened the fact that playing against Empoli is not an easy task for any team, praising their recent performance and declaring them a vibrant and healthy side. Yet, Sarri admitted his hope for Lazio to discover the humility, a trait he recognizes as lacking in certain past matches, which resulted in negative outcomes for his team.

Regarding his own personal change since his stint at Empoli, Sarri dismissed noticing any significant transformation. He maintained portraying himself as persistent with his past. Upon his return to Empoli, he described it as a joyous occasion and expressed gratitude towards his fans, recounting a touching encounter with a supporter who thanked him for his contributions to Empoli.

The Lazio manager appeared to sincerely credit Empoli for his professional growth by telling the supporter: “It’s me who has a debt…”

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