Kean Mulls Over Fiorentina and Monza, but a Surprise Option Emerges

In a bid to find more playing time during the Euros year, top Italian striker Moise Kean is reportedly considering a move in the January transfer window. Kean, who has been previously linked with AC Milan, is now under the radar of Fiorentina and Monza. In fact, apart from these two domestic clubs, buzz of inquiries from Premier League clubs cannot be ruled out.

“Moise Kean is deep in thought about his footballing future, carefully weighing his options,” said Corriere dello Sport. However, it is rumoured that Monza, despite Kean’s high wage demands, is hopeful and will persevere until the striker is committed to another club.

Meanwhile, Fiorentina is not ruling out more arrivals and departures as part of an extensive review of their attacking options. Despite favourable standings, Fiorentina is reportedly concerned about their lacklustre offensive performances. The main priority for Fiorentina’s management is to reverse this trend soon.

The January transfer window presents the opportunity for a semi-revolution in Fiorentina, including the potential departures of Brekalo and Nzola under specific conditions. The club would also consider bringing in Kean, but this would be contingent on a loan deal with no special commitments in June, given the player’s annual wage of around 3 million euros.

However, Fiorentina is also considering other options and is expected to continue assessing the team’s performance leading up to the January transfer window. The club has not officially commented on their interest in Kean or any potential departures from the squad.

Kean, who has yet to comment on these rumours, is reportedly committed to exploring his options and finding the best opportunity for his career progression.


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