Juve’s De Grandis says he prefers when Bani’s handballs aren’t whistled but…

Stefano De Grandis, football analyst, has offered his views on the controversial handball incident involving Mattia Bani during the Genoa-Juventus match. Speaking to Sky Sports, De Grandis expressed his opinion on the episode.

Sharing his thoughts, De Grandis stated, “Given how these incidents are analyzed this year, it no longer matters whether there was a touch before from the thigh and the arm is wide. To be honest, I am more pleased when these penalties are not given because I believe such touches are inconsequential and fortuitous.”

He continued, explaining that: “But it must be said, based on the way the rules have been applied recently, this penalty would generally be given, as it’s akin to being somewhat reckless. Bani is not aware, the touch is absolutely unintentional.”

These comments provide further insight into how handball rules are interpreted, offering a different perspective on incidents in the game.

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