Johan Vasquez: Gilardino believes in me, I believe in Genoa

Johan Vasquez, the defender for Genoa, expanded on the team’s season so far in an interview with Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. Tonight, Genoa, which Vasquez has represented in 18 matches, is set to play Bologna – kicking off Serie A’s 2024 season.

Vasquez expressed his commitment to the Ligurian side, stating in La Gazzetta dello Sport, “I’m hungry and eager. You need to make sacrifices. After the season with Cremonese, I joined the national team, and my only thought was to get to Genoa as quickly as possible. I wanted certainty about my future.”

The Mexican defender also stressed the importance of versatility in a player’s development. Vasquez shared an exchange he had with Gilardino a fortnight ago. He explained that Gilardino had emphasized the importance of being able to play various positions towards a player’s growth.

The conversations with Ochoa have also made a significant impact on Vasquez. “He is like a father and an example to us. He has a lot of experience. He could have been in Mexico, but instead, he’s still here fighting,” said Vasquez of his teammate.

The backing of coach Alberto Gilardino has been crucial for Vasquez. He returned after the transfer window, willing to dismiss a break to stick with the team and earn the coach’s trust. “The coach’s trust is wonderful. I wanted to stay here for a long time,” said Vasquez.

Looking forward to the future of Genoa, Vasquez harbours ambitions of the team breaking into the top 10 within the next two years. “Yes, it’s a lovely dream, but we on the pitch and the company can achieve it. We must believe and continue to work, without thinking that the 20 points we have collected so far give us peace of mind. We live day by day, particularly focusing on ending this championship well,” stated Vasquez with determination.

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