Inzaghi says Inter’s draw is unsatisfactory, claims absences can’t be an excuse

Simone Inzaghi, Inter Milan’s manager, expressed his thoughts following their match against Genoa. The interview was conducted by Dazn.

Discussing the team’s performance, Inzaghi said, “We knew the kind of match we were going to encounter. We competed against a Genoa side that is physically and mentally fit. It was a hard-fought match, played fairly in the first half by both teams.”

In his comments, as reported by Dazn, he praised his team but expressed disappointment over conceding a goal just before the end of the first half. He mentioned, “I cannot reprove the boys for anything except for the goal we conceded, a minute from the end of the first half. We should have defended better at that corner.”

Inzaghi showed his dissatisfaction with the draw, stating that his team gave their all. He added: “The boys put everything on the field; we wanted to win, and we are not happy with the draw. We conclude the round with an excellent match, each match carries dangers as tonight.”

Talking about his team’s mood after the match, he admitted that they had hoped for a win. “Matches are decided by incidents. We had never conceded a goal from a dead ball this year, we should have defended better on that occasion.”

Inzaghi also discussed the difficulties his mid-fielders faced during the match. He said they were up against a very intense team and found it challenging to find pace in moving the ball.

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