Gyasi Warns: Empoli Must Do More for Survival

Empoli’s midfielder, Emmanuel Gyasi, has voiced his concerns after the club’s defeat to AC Milan.

In an interview with DAZN following the loss, Gyasi emphasised the team’s need to rally in the wake of the defeat. He said, “We all have to do something more! Especially when it comes to scoring goals.”

The midfielder also prompt the members of the squad to maintain their belief in the possibility of survival, albeit not in direct speech. It was clear from his tone that he remains confident in the group’s potential. He indirectly urged his team to stay confident and retain faith in their ability to stay afloat in the league.

Gyasi’s rallying cry indicates the spirit within the Empoli Camp, as the team continue to battle for survival. Their resilience and determination to recover is clearly evident, and future performances will demonstrate whether they are able to turn this determination into results.

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