Gilardino: Dragusin still part of Genoa, on Retegui’s return

Alberto Gilardino, the manager of Italian football club Genoa, has commented ahead of their match against Bologna.

In a press conference, Gilardino discussed the current rumours and unstable situations surrounding the team during the ongoing season. However, he expressed his faith in the players, acknowledging their professionalism and commitment. He stated, “I trust my players very much; I see them training every day, I know them, I know what kind of professionals they are. As long as they are here, I know they’ll give 110%.”

There have been talks about player transfers, which Gilardino seemed to acknowledge as part of the game, although he wasn’t too keen on seeing anyone leave. The Genoa coach described Dragusin as an exemplary professional with great sporting discipline who can only help the team at the moment. He added, “Dragusin is a Genoa player and as long as he wears this jersey, he will be strong and will be a protagonist, just like everyone.”

Concerning injuries, Gilardino expressed optimism about the progress of Retegui. He noted the unique challenges the player has faced, specifically mentioning an unusual career path and coming from an Argentine league. Despite his prolonged absence, the Genoa manager conveyed high hopes for Retegui.

Gilardino spoke highly of Mateo, stating his importance to the team and expressing hopes that he could help Genoa in dramatic ways, including a potential contribution of 10-13 goals over the season’s second half. He mentioned that Mateo might play from the first minute or come on later, depending on the choice made for the match against Bologna.

Finally, he praised Messias for his excellent training, physical prowess, and determination. According to Gilardino, “Messias is doing well, he has trained very well, he is strong mentally and physically and has a great desire. He has high-speed peaks of a top player. If he is physically fit, he can help us take a leap in quality like Retegui. We expect a lot from him; he can change the balance of the matches.”

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