Genoa’s Vasquez: Football Can Be Strange, More Experience Needed

Genoa’s defender, Joahn Vasquez, has reflected on their defeat against Monza while speaking with DAZN.

Talking about the match, Vasquez stated, “Football can sometimes be strange, we could have won yet we lost. We need to gain a bit more experience.”

Concerning discussions in the locker room post-match, he said, “We discussed it but we are all professionals, not youngsters. We need to understand how Italian football works, it isn’t forgiving. The moment you give a bit of space, they score a goal. We need to show our teammates where we go wrong; it’s the responsibility of all of us. All we can do now is work hard.”

Vasquez also highlighted the direction the team needs to take, stating, “Yes, we have lost some crucial matches for survival, but it has to stop now. We can’t afford to lose more points, particularly at home.”

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