Genoa’s Sabelli: Juve’s performances have always been consistent

Stefano Sabelli, the defender for Genoa, has shared his thoughts on the team’s performance in Serie A this season during an interview with Sky Sport.

Sabelli commended the team’s performance against Juventus, saying, “we have always performed well. Lately, we have garnered fewer points but with this level of performance, results will come.” His optimism indicates a belief that despite recent setbacks, Genoa can turn its fortunes around.

Addressing the Genoa fans, Sabelli highlighted their immense support, stating that their “warmth is strongly felt every Sunday, both at home and away”. He added that the players are keen to repay this support during matches and are grateful for the fans’ sustained backing.

When asked about their opposition, Sabelli spoke respectfully of Sassuolo, acknowledging their strength as competitors in Serie A due to a combination of strong management, coaching, and player prowess.

The defender also touched on the team ethos at Genoa, praising the commitment of those players who don’t frequently feature in games. He explained, “Last season, those who played less always made themselves available and great praise must go to those behind the scenes because they raise the level of training and when called upon, they make a difference, like Ekuban.”

Amidst critical voices, Sabelli insisted, “We all play for Genoa, including the manager. We had to give the answer to ourselves, criticism is part of football but the fans have always supported us.”

Emphasising the importance of unity within the squad, Sabelli concluded, “we are happy if everyone is well and when someone is out, it’s not nice. Those who have replaced these boys have always performed well, giving their maximum. Focusing attention on those who are not there is not even fair to those who take to the field on Sundays.”

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