Genoa’s Dragusin set for Tottenham: Bonucci considered as replacement

Genoa, a prominent Italian football club, is reportedly contemplating shaking up its defence in the upcoming winter transfer period. There is growing speculation that Radu Dragusin, the young centre-back, could be making his way over to Tottenham. Alessandro Bonucci is being seen as a potentially strong addition to the team.

According to a report from Tuttosport, the Genoa directors are seriously considering this shake-up. Possibly, there will be a significant boost to their finances with the potential departure of Dragusin to the Spurs, rumoured to be for around €30 million. This substantial amount could then be reinvested to secure new talent.

The report also suggests that the club may show interest in recruiting Bonucci, former Juventus player, who is reportedly keen to make a return to Serie A. One can only speculate on the potential impact such a player could have in fortifying Genoa’s defence next season.

It’s worth noting that these potential moves are purely speculative at this point and official announcements are yet to be made by the respective clubs. As is always the case during the transfer season, things can change dramatically overnight.

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