Genoa’s De Winter: Our Goal is Not Seasonal, We Take it Game by Game

Genoa’s defender, Koni De Winter, shared his thoughts following a recent interaction with supporters at the Genoa club store.

De Winter is quoted as saying, “A goal? No, we approach match after match, so we have not set a goal in particular. We face every game in the same manner.” He highlighted feeling good about his position and enjoying the great rapport with his peers and the manager since his arrival at the club.

Discussing Genoa’s upcoming fixture against Monza, De Winter stated that “as with any Serie A game, it will be difficult. It is a football match, and we can win. We will aim to do just that. We are preparing and facing the match.” The remarks indicate that Genoa is focusing on the immediate games rather than setting long-term objectives and how De Winter is relishing his increased central role. The team’s readiness to face each game head-on was also underscored.

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