Genoa Sets Astonishing Price for Retegui: Juventus Transfer Market Update

Genoa has reportedly demanded between €30 million to €40 million from Juventus for the transfer of their rising star Mateo Retegui, as reported by Tuttosport today.

Despite the hefty price tag, Genoa appears reluctant to sell the young Italian National Team forward and see his departure as a significant loss.

The RossoBlù, eager to avoid depleting their top tier attacking options, have thus set a high price in hope of discouraging Juve’s advances for Retegui.

Genoa stands to make a substantial profit from Retegui’s sale, but the club would rather keep the player in their ranks, considering his massive potential and contribution to the team as indicated in the Tuttosport’s report.

In line with this, it seems Genoa is not particularly eager to part ways with Retegui, hinting at a possible tug of war scenario to unfold between the Italian clubs in the upcoming transfer season.

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