Genoa-Juve, Rocchi: Bani’s handball not a clear mistake, but seemed more like a penalty in motion

Gianluca Rocchi, the AIA referee appointer, has sparked a conversation on Open Var on Dazn regarding the contested handling by Bani during the Genoa-Juve match.

Rocchi weighed in on the in-studio replay of the incident, which included an analysis of the touch and audio from the VAR room: “He deflects it with his knee and then it goes on to the arm. I agree with the non-penalty. Check completed as such.”

Rocchi then added his perspective, saying: “That’s not the explanation we have given. I would focus more on the movement of the player. They are only focused on the deviation, but the player had a loose arm and aimed to remove it. That’s why we don’t consider it a 100% mistake. For my part, I say I prefer that more severity is given than not.”

He hinted a inclination towards a stricter ruling regarding potential handballs, suggesting that the player movement and intent should be as considered vital in decision-making as the trajectory deviation of the ball.

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