Genoa have set Gudmundsson’s price amidst high demand

Genoa striker Gudmundsson is attracting attention from numerous top clubs, sparking intense speculation in the transfer market. However, how much does the Rossoblu team value their star player?

Genoa seem to be playing a shrewd game, reminiscent of Machiavellian tactics, as they aim to drive up Gudmundsson’s transfer fee.

According to sources from Pianeta, many clubs are showing interest in the talented forward.

“It feels like every major team is after Gudmundsson right now,” an insider shared with Pianeta.

In light of this growing interest, Genoa are keen to capitalise on the situation. They recognise the potential windfall from a possible transfer and are reportedly increasing their valuation of Gudmundsson.

While the club has not publicly disclosed an official figure, the strategy appears to centre on maximising their financial gain.

As transfer rumours continue to swirl, fans and analysts alike will be keeping a close eye on how this saga unfolds.

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