Galliani Sets Market Price for Colpani, Reveals How Much He’s Worth

Monza’s attacking midfielder, Colpani, is instrumental yet again in leading the team to victory. When the former Atalanta player is in form, he consistently makes a difference, subsequently bringing vital survival points to the Monza squad.

Given that we are still in the transfer season, questions arise around the potential market value of Monza’s attacking midfielder. According to reports from, Galliani has purportedly set the player’s price around £20 million. It’s also been reported that Inter Milan, Juventus, and Lazio are always ready to acquire the player.

A spokesperson from was quoted as saying “Inter, Juve, and Lazio are always on alert to potentially sign the player, and Galliani’s price tag of £20 million reflects Colpani’s importance and impact on Monza’s performance.”

Thus the market speculation around Colpani’s potential transfer continues, emphasizing his pivotal role on the pitch and his growing importance on the transfer market.

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