Frosinone, Di Francesco on Huijsen: Only those willing should come

The coach of Frosinone, Eusebio Di Francesco, addressed the media ahead of the team’s match against Monza.

Di Francesco commented on speculation regarding his communication with certain players. He confirmed that he had never initiated a conversation with player Huijsen, but respected when a director indicated that a player wished to converse with him. “Huijsen wanted to speak with me, not the other way around, but he made different choices and I’m not interested,” explained Di Francesco, as reported by calcionews24.

Further, the coach emphasised that his squad should consist of players who are passionate and dedicated to improvement, further claiming that, “Those who want to come here, have to be eager, especially the young ones. They are growing in this context and must have the desire and the opportunity to develop, even by making mistakes.”

Regarding injured players, Di Francesco revealed that player Ibra had rejoined the team’s training, and would be included in the upcoming fixture. Player Lirola had alternated between personalised training and group exercises. The coach also noted that Brescianini was struggling with the flu, expressing his hope for the player’s recovery before the next game. One of either Mazzitelli or Reinier could be on the starting line-up according to Di Francesco.

When asked about Huijsen’s successor, he said that the management’s plan was to focus on younger players, not particularly older ones, but players who are keen to prove themselves.

In regards to another potential weak point in the squad due to the injury of player Marchizza, Di Francesco stated, “We were already one man short and now with the injury of Marchizza, we are even shorter. Lirola often is unwell and at the moment we also have Oyono injured.”

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