Fiorentina reportedly rekindle interest in Colpani, Monza’s valuation discussed

Fiorentina are re-engaging in transfer discussions for Andrea Colpani, a player they have long been interested in, according to reports from Sky Sport.

The Florence-based club is keen to reunite Colpani with manager Raffaele Palladino, who previously coached him during their time at Monza.

Recent conversations have taken place between Fiorentina and Monza regarding the possible transfer of the talented midfielder.

Monza, currently under the management of Alessandro Nesta, have placed a valuation on Colpani, reflecting their desire to hold onto the player.

Sky Sport reported that these discussions are in the early stages and no official bids have been made yet.

A source close to the negotiations told Sky Sport, “Monza have a clear valuation in mind for Colpani, and it will be up to Fiorentina to meet it if they wish to secure the player’s services.”

As the transfer window progresses, Fiorentina fans will be keeping a close eye on further developments in this potential move.

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