Empoli’s Rebecca Corsi: Maldini faced some difficulties, but then…

Rebecca Corsi, the Vice President of Empoli, has shared her thoughts ahead of their match with Milan in an interview with Sky Sport.

Discussing the transfer market, she stated, “Certainly, there’s an opportunity to improve with the change in formation we’ve undertaken”. The source of this direct speech is from her interview on Sky Sport.

On the topic of their recent quality leap with Baldanzi, Corsi communicated her high expectations. She suggested that they anticipate improvements from all their players, who have accustomed them to a certain level of performance.

She also addressed the progress of footballer Maldini, saying, “He started the season with some difficulty, he’s overcome it with hard work. He’s growing and will offer us a significant boost”. This direct speech is attributed to her interview on Sky Sport.

More on this story can be found on Milan News 24.

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