Empoli’s Corsi: We’re aiming to strengthen midfield and attack in the transfer market

Empoli FC President, Fabrizio Corsi, has revealed the club’s intentions for the transfer market in an interview with La Nazione. He indicated that the club’s line-up in defence is satisfactory despite an injury to Bastoni in a recent game against Cagliari. Corsi shared his hope that Bastoni’s injury would not be overly severe.

However, he noted that the club would look to make improvements in the midfield and forward positions. The President pointed out that they cannot afford to consider players worth eight, ten or fifteen million as other clubs might. “We will evaluate those profiles that may be finding less space, but we believe have the potential to perform well in our environment. And this demonstrates the difficulties in which we must move, with a small margin of error,” Corsi told La Nazione.

As for Baldanzi and Fazzini, Corsi said a lot depended on the opportunities the transfer window presented for both Empoli and other clubs. However, in his view, the current market does not appear particularly rich, and he does not anticipate receiving any irresistible offers in January. He expressed satisfaction with Fazzini’s consistent improvement whilst he termed Baldanzi as their key acquisition in the market – who until recently, has been significantly sidelined due to injury.

Corsi mentioned the possibility of pruning the club’s squad as, in his opinion, coach Andreazzoli could potentially work better with a smaller, more streamlined group.

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