Empoli’s Andreazzoli says: We didn’t allow Cagliari anything, fair draw

Aurelio Andreazzoli, Empoli’s coach, has shared his thoughts in the post-match discussion of the game against Cagliari, according to Sky Sports.

Andreazzoli praised Empoli’s resilient attitude, saying they started with the right spirit. “The team came with the right spirit and we did not allow Cagliari to do what they wanted,” he said. However, he lamented their inability to sustain their first-half form into the second half. He stated, “After the second half, the exact opposite happened. We couldn’t replicate our first-half performance.”

The coach also shared his difficulty in excluding Maleh from the team, saying, “I always find it hard to exclude Maleh for many reasons.” The decision to remove him was predominantly due to a caution he had received during the match. Andreazzoli noted how Maleh’s aggressive approach to situations is highly valuable and that his absence was felt.

Regarding the transfer market, Andreazzoli took a straightforward approach. He stated that his main job as the coach is to ensure the best possible performance of the available players. But he also acknowledged that discussions and decisions will need to be made with the club, although he maintained that his primary duty remains training the team.

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