Dragusin’s agent unsure about mid-season Genoa departure, Tottenham on the horizon

The future of Genoa defender Radu Dragusin has been discussed by his agent, Florin Manea, during an interview with TV Play.

Manea praised the Romanian centre back’s dedication to his career, insisting that financial gain was not a driving factor for his client. “I have never met a young player like him in this job. He has no interest in money, he wants to build a great career. No contact has been made by Napoli,” Manea divulged.

Despite Dragusin’s strong connection to Genoa, the agent hinted that the defender’s ambitions might lead him elsewhere, specifically to the English Premier League, “He is not fully convinced about leaving Genoa mid-season. But I believe he would fit perfectly in England. His dream is to join the Premier League”, added Manea.

The agent also rebuffed suggestions of Tottenham Hotspur showing interest in his client, “We have not seen any offers from Tottenham. However, if they strike a deal with Genoa, I am ready to listen”.

Manea added that during a previous meeting with Spurs, discussions had not been about his football ability, which was already widely acknowledged, but centered more on his character. “The only time I met with Tottenham, they only asked about his character as they were already well aware of his technical abilities,” revealed Manea.

The agent also shed some light on a possible move to Roma, expressing his respect for the club, “I have a lot of respect for Roma and could never speak ill of them. Also, I am currently negotiating with them over a young attacker”.

However, any prospective buyers will need to meet Genoa’s valuation of Dragusin, which stands at around 25 to 30 million euros. “Genoa asking for that amount could turn out to be a great deal if they manage to sell him for 25”.

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