De Silvestri after Bologna Genoa: We showed character

Bologna’s Lorenzo De Silvestri gave some comments after the team’s match against Cagliari. The interview was conducted by the sports media company, DAZN.

De Silvestri indicated the team was eager to stage a show of character following their game against Udine. He acknowledged they had initially struggled but felt the second half of the game was excellent. This uplifting performance led them to achieve the result with strength of character.

Reflecting on the affection shown by the fans, De Silvestri said, “We are delighted. We play for these emotions and want to share them with everyone.”

When quizzed about the team’s objectives for 2024, De Silvestri underlined the ambition within. He stated, “We have a dream and ambition. We will evaluate everything at the end. This flame must help us move forward until the end.”

This interview highlights De Silvestri’s determination and passion for the game, indicating a strong resolve within the team for the upcoming matches and beyond.

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