Como Uncertain About Alberto Cerri’s Future

Calciomercato Como: The future of striker Alberto Cerri after his experience at Empoli has become clearer.

According to Pianeta Empoli, the forward Alberto Cerri will not be signed permanently by the Tuscan club.

As a result, he will return to Como.

The burning question now is, what will the attacker do in this transfer window?

As of today, a team strongly interested in the player is yet to surface, but anticipation surrounds his next move.

The 27-year-old striker has caught the attention of several clubs due to his performances at Empoli.

“Alberto demonstrated his skills and contributed significantly during his loan period,” said a spokesperson from Empoli to Pianeta Empoli.

However, it seems that the financial conditions for a permanent transfer were not aligned for Empoli.

Sources close to Como suggest that Cerri might be kept within their ranks for another season.

“Our plan is to optimise our squad, and Alberto is definitely in our thoughts,” Como’s head coach was quoted as saying to local media.

The situation remains fluid, and clubs from both Serie A and Serie B are reportedly monitoring Cerri’s status closely.

With the transfer window in full swing, Alberto Cerri’s future continues to be a topic of significant speculation and interest.

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