Ceesay: Longed to stay in Lecce but couldn’t refuse Arabia offer

Former Lecce striker, Assan Ceesay, has opened up about his move to Saudi Arabia last summer during a conversation with the Italian sporting news outlet, Pianeta Lecce.

“I’ll never forget my time in Lecce,” said the Gambian forward, nostalgically recalling his goal against Inter Milan and the side’s fight for survival against Monza. “All those things happened in 90 minutes: it was our day.”

Ceesay went on to express his deep respect towards the club and its fans. He made a point of thanking Lecce for the chance to play in Italy’s Serie A, going above and beyond to insist that he had given his all to the club and its shirt.

Contrary to what some fans believed, Ceesay emphasised that he never intentionally delayed his departure to create complications for the club, stating, “In Saudi Arabia, the bureaucratic issues are sensitive; it took some time.”

Speaking about his affection for the city of Lecce and his former team, he said: “In general, I wanted to stay in Lecce. I loved the city and the team was hungry. However, as a footballer, you have to think about your family too.”

His words demonstrate his genuine respect for his old club while understanding the unpredictable and often swift-moving path of a professional footballer’s career.

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